Professional Products vs. Digital Files


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Wall Display

You've picked the perfect location and clothing for a successful photo shoot. Your images are amazing and everyone absolutely loves them on social media or from the view of your cellular device of choice. But as time goes on, those images just get lost in a sea of candid images we capture on our cell phone on a day to day basis. And what good will that do? After all, you scheduled a professional session because you want to show off your images for the world to see!

Wall Cluster

The best way to showcase your images is through a custom wall display. By choosing to hang one of a cluster of large wall sized images, you inadvertently create a one of a kind art gallery, in the comfort and joy of your own home. Do you have a formal living room with a traditional feel? You can’t go wrong with one large family portrait over the couch or fireplace. Hallways are a great place to create a long gallery of smaller images. You can tell a story with these types of galleries, by starting at one point in time and moving chronologically down the hallway. Or mix it up and just give them a fun collection of images to enjoy as you walk from room to room. Fill the space above a headboard with a gallery of family photos.

Don’t be afraid to go big here, as there is typically plenty of wall space over a queen or king size bed. Tell the story of your big day in a simple 3-image collection of the first look, first kiss and first dance. Kitchens and dining rooms are a great place to show off candid, fun photos of each family member. Give each kid or family member their own canvas cluster, like their own little star on their home’s very own walk of fame. These are just some examples of how you can create a work of art, featuring your favorite crew...YOU! Here are some sample displays to inspire your creativity.

Professional Albums

The premium, professional album for weddings and other unforgettables. Now with unsurpassed customization. Hundreds of options to choose from 13 Covers: Crystal Cover, Leatherette Cover, Genuine Leather Cover, Linen Cover, Hard Cover and more.

Genuine Leather

All our albums offer the same cover materials and styles. ... Genuine leather is best able to support the spine of an album with the weight of so many pages.


Leatherette Choice. A texture that looks and feels like genuine leather, but available in an eco-friendly way.

Acrylic Cover

Professionally designed and printed on quality high gloss acrylic

Cameo Window

Open a window onto that special day. Precision laser cut, available in many styles.

Page Thickness

Pages are 1.5mm thick and consists of 0.5mm paper and 1.0mm substrate core. Very durable and rugged. No need to worry about tearing when turning pages or distressed quality due to frequent use.

Strong & Beautiful Binding

Library Binding- Albums are bound with a book-band, making them of similar appearance to hard-cover library books.

Building Options


So, So, Many other products to choose from!

In addition to professional prints, canvases, custom framing and digital files, I have tons of designer products for clients to choose from. Take a look at what I have to offer and inquire about custom pricing today!

Why Invest in Professional Products vs. Digital Files

As a Professional Photographer I seek out clients who understand and appreciate the "value" of an amazing photograph. Photography can be one of the most meaningful investments you make in your lifetime! Photographs can capture "once in a lifetime" events or simple that stage in life you can look back on. I work with each client to individualize their session to their wants/needs and make it a special experience for them.

My goal is to capture images that show the individuality of each of my clients, the personality of their family and the joy of being where they are at that moment in their lives. I attend seminars and conferences throughout the year to learn and grow my craft and there is one thing I hold dear to my heart. That is the importance of printing your photographs. There are many clients that ask me first thing if I offer digitals. I have chosen to explain this particular "investment" so my clients and future clients know why I don't ONLY offer digital files from your session. Why should you invest in prints?

Professional Prints vs. Digital Files

Professional Prints vs. Digital Files

Why Print and Not Digital

ONE: I have chosen a Profession Lab to order my prints, canvases and other products from. They back up their products and work side by side with me on numerous things on a weekly basis. (its not just any old drug store down the street that will spit out anything that comes their way...)

TWO: I borrowed this phrase from another photographer,... 'I have NEVER gone to someone's home and seen a disk hanging on their wall or had someone say "I love my new disk!" '

THREE: I stand behind my prints, but I can not promise you that your disk of images will still work in 5 or 10 years. There may not even be computers with disk drives in 2 years! Your wall portrait, however, will withstand the years and be a beautiful keepsake for your family!

FOUR: I care!

  • I CARE that you get the quality that you pay for
  • I CARE that you take home a Wall Portrait to hang and share and that brings you joy daily!
  • I CARE that I capture those once in a lifetime moments and the best customer service I possibly can.


Finally - I DO offer digital files if my clients truly want them. My digital files are fully retouched, color corrected and sized so that when you do print them they print at the quality you deserve.