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"Design Your Portrait Gallery"

The best way to showcase your images is through a custom wall display. By choosing to hang one of a cluster of large wall sized images, you inadvertently create a one of a kind art gallery, in the comfort and joy of your own home. Do you have a formal living room with a traditional feel? You can’t go wrong with one large family portrait over the couch or fireplace. Hallways are a great place to create a long gallery of smaller images. You can tell a story with these types of galleries, by starting at one point in time and moving chronologically down the hallway. Or mix it up and just give them a fun collection of images to enjoy as you walk from room to room. Fill the space above a headboard with a gallery of family photos. Don’t be afraid to go big here, as there is typically plenty of wall space over a queen or king size bed. Tell the story of your big day in a simple 3-image collection of the first look, first kiss and first dance. These are just some examples of how you can create a work of art, featuring your favorite crew...YOU! Here are some sample displays to inspire your creativity.

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