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Male Trends & Styles

Why is dressing for the camera important?

You may be asking, “Why is dressing properly for the camera important? Well, to be honest, the way you are seen is the way you are portrayed. If a man takes the time & effort to dress with effect, his portraits will have an even greater impact and appeal to the person viewing it.

No matter if you are having your passport photograph, family portrait, or business formal picture taken, a man should look his best. Before we launch into the details, there are a few preliminary points to take into consideration prior to sitting down in front of the camera.

Outfit standards for guys


Choose 3 outfits: 1 main piece (jeans or pants, a regular shirt) 1 standout piece (a jacket or cardigan with contrasting color, surprising fabric, maybe pattern) Accessories (watch, scarf, belt, hat and shoes)


For you gentlemen looking for what to wear for you actor headshots, always bring one dark shirt, one light shirt, one collared shirt, and then one t-shirt. If you want to show off your arms – consider a tank or tighter fitting t-shirt. Please be sure to iron all of your clothes, including your t-shirts. Know if you look better in crew neck or V neck for your t-shirt look. If you’re not sure, bring both.


A collared shirt should always fit snug to the back of the neck, and should never be too baggy. Be sure to go for the style that has a stiffer or button-down type of collar. The collar that lies flat is not a good look for a headshot. It ends up looking too casual & distracts from your face, which is the most important part of your headshot.


Suit pants, dress pants or colored pants work best. Long pants and closed-toed shoes are the most sophisticated & masculine looks for men. You can’t really go wrong pairing brown leather dress shoes with a well-fitting tailored suit to give you that classic & timeless look. Be careful with patterns as pinstripes or plaid patterns since they tend to distract the eye and are usually more difficult to align.


More often than not, family portraits are leaning towards the informal, casual & personal. There are tons of ways to dress for family portraits; it depends on the purpose of the shoot and the family's intention (formal or casual or even humorous).

Possible informal family portraits will have you wearing a sweater and complimentary trousers. Perhaps, you and your family will be outdoors on the beach and will wear khakis and a white short-sleeved shirt.

Family Session

"Iron your clothes. Never bring anything into your photo shoot that hasn’t been recently cleaned and pressed and ready for its close-up. Nothing looks"

Classic Look

Include several outfits with a more Classic look that won't be outdated in just a few years. Solid medium to dark tones work best with full length sleeves and a pleasing neckline. This will give mom & dad a fine selection for hanging in the living room and for family gifts.

Personality Choice

These outfits should make a statement about you. They can be sporty, casual, trendy, grunge or just really fun. Be sure to select a different outfit for each photo-shoot style you choose and co-ordinate each from head to shoes.

Specialty Outfit

These are the outfits needed for special photo-shoot styles such as Sports, School Spirit, Wet & Wild, Extreme, Imagine and My Passion. Be sure to bring any props that relate to these outfits to enhance your look. Plan for some full length poses - including footware.


What's Your Signature Style?

Your portrait does more than just capture the memory of who you are, it also captures your unique sense of style. As you plan your outfits for your session, start by thinking about how you’d describe your style to someone else. Do you like to dress urban, or are you more casual? Rugged and outdoorsy? What about preppy? Not sure? Maybe you like looking a certain way, but don’t really think about it.

The Accessories!!!

Accessories are the spice of life... The finishing touch. They will add more interest and variety to vour outfits and vou will look more polished. Choose a couple accessories for each outfit that matches and adds to the style. We will go through everyting and finalize the look at the session. I will make sure vour look is cohesive and will look great on camera. Bring more options than you think you will need and we will narrow it down. Think about hats, shoes, sunglasses, and whatever else you can think of! Don't forget to add in something special that reflects your personality or a favorite hobby. Things like books, guitars, sports items, collections & pets. It's all going to add to your portrait session and vour story.


Pick Your Favorite Trend and Plan for Themed Looks

Take a look at these guys’ style trends and find the one that fits your wardrobe the best. Read the description to get ideas of specific pieces to put together your portrait session outfits for sharp, camera-ready looks. And get suggestions for how to dress for sports-themed portraits and formalwear looks. Overall, plan for bringing along at least three complete outfits, or more if you like a wider range to choose from to look your best.


Dress casual while looking very put together. Combine jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, casual blazers or leather jackets, sneakers and maybe a favorite hat.


Take your style outside. Think flannel shirts, roughed-up jeans, shearling jackets, beanie hats, work boots or casual kicks.


Play up your urban cool with hoodies or sport coats, dress shirts, snapback cap, distressed jeans and sleek leather shoes or hiking boots.


Go Ivy League in polos, crisp-collared shirts, sport coats, dark wash jeans or chinos and loafers. For the very brave, try out a snappy bow tie.

Suited Up

Get formal with suits in classic black or neutrals, or even vibrant colors. Coordinate your shirt to your suit—white always works, but the right color makes a statement. Don't forget good ties, watches, leather belts and dress shoes.


At Exposure Best Photography, you have a chance to showcase your confidence and uniqueness. Our expert, guided process will ensure that your photoshoot will be enjoyable, relaxed, and fun. And you will receive photos that make you feel proud. I'm here to help you reach your vision.

We'll meet for a consultation to design your photoshoot. During your consultation, we'll get to know each other as we talk about your style and design a wardrobe that compliments you and your personality.

I will be your friendly guide from start to finish. I'll also share additional tips to make your photoshoot a memorable experience.

Finally, you will have photos you'll be proud to share!

Ready to book? Click on the image below to kickstart the process!


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