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You are eligible for an early bird promotion of 40% off any product, digital file, or print purchase for a full 7 days after your gallery expires! It's the perfect time to organize a wall gallery or purchase a lifetime legacy album so that you can display your session to the world, in person, and, most importantly, not on a digital screen!

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Wall Display

You've picked the perfect location and clothing for a successful photo shoot. Your images are amazing and everyone absolutely loves them on social media or from the view of your cellular device of choice. But as time goes on, those images just get lost in a sea of candid images we capture on our cell phone on a day to day basis. And what good will that do? After all, you scheduled a professional session because you want to show off your images for the world to see! The best way to showcase your images is through a custom wall display. By choosing to hang one of a cluster of large wall sized images, you inadvertently create a one of a kind art gallery, in the comfort and joy of your own home. Do you have a formal living room with a traditional feel? You can’t go wrong with one large family portrait over the couch or fireplace. Hallways are a great place to create a long gallery of smaller images. You can tell a story with these types of galleries, by starting at one point in time and moving chronologically down the hallway. Or mix it up and just give them a fun collection of images to enjoy as you walk from room to room. Fill the space above a headboard with a gallery of family photos. Don’t be afraid to go big here, as there is typically plenty of wall space over a queen or king size bed. Tell the story of your big day in a simple 3-image collection of the first look, first kiss and first dance. Kitchens and dining rooms are a great place to show off candid, fun photos of each family member. Give each kid or family member their own canvas cluster, like their own little star on their home’s very own walk of fame. These are just some examples of how you can create a work of art, featuring your favorite crew...YOU! Here are some sample displays to inspire your creativity.