My main focus is to capture your family in this season of your lives! I want to capture moments not poses. And I want to embrace all the beautiful imperfections. At our session, we will play, adventure, snuggle, run, jump, and maybe even get a little dirty. We'll start off our session by getting that perfect posed "Christmas Card Photo" out of the way. I usually like to do one standing and one sitting pose. And then we'll start our adventure. Be thinking of things that you like to do together as a family, little games or activities that you like to do together.

What to expect

Expect lots of fun. Lots of laughs. Lots of hugs, kisses, and snuggles. Whether booking a mini session or a full lifestyle session, I'm so excited for you to consider me to document this special time in your lives. I can guarantee you that having your family photographed in an authentic, lifestyle-like approach will help you hold on to these moments - your pregnancy, the baby years, the toddler years, whatever years you want me to document and freeze time for! I know how stressful having your family photographed can be, and I'm here to help make it a fun experience, but I'm committed to telling your family story as honest as I can, and how crazy it may seem ;)


  • I often pose families sitting on the ground, therefore, if Mom/daughters will be wearing a dress or a skirt, make sure they will be comfortable doing so and that proper undergarments are worn.
  • I take formal portrait shots, but also like to catch candids of kids being kids. If you are overly concerned about your child ruining an expensive piece of clothing, perhaps you should choose a different item or bring a secondary outfit.
  • Worn down, dirty and/or scuffed up shoes can draw your attention in a photo, so don’t leave footwear as an afterthought.
  • Take keys & phones out of your pockets before we begin!


Be in the moment and don’t stress about the end result. We will get some beautiful photos, you do not need to worry. You will be more emotionally attached to the images if you have FUN while taking them. If you are worried about how your children are smiling, or if Dad is irritated (they usually are, and it’s ok!), then you will think of that every time you look at your photos. Relax, enjoy the time spent with your family, and I will catch some amazing moments for you that you can cherish forever!


I am here to help in any way that you may need, from helping with wardrobe choices, or deciding between whether or not to bring your child's lovey. I want to make this session awesome for you, and I love getting involved in all the details. So if you have a question about anything, please don't hesitate to ask. You can email, text (513-433-4501), or send a facebook message.

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