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Mentorships Options

Choose between In Person and Remote Mentorships. Each mentorship options includes both in studio and business mentoring and can include one or both topics.

In addition to selecting between an In-person Mentorship and a Remote Mentorship, I offer 2 different options to meet your economical needs. Choose between an hourly rated membership, which works well for photographers who are interested in only 1 or 2 program topics, or choose a full mentorship package if you would like your business to be set up to succeed from day 1!

cincinnati photography mentorship


Since you are as unique as your photography journey, each photography mentoring option is customized to meet your needs. 


Choose One or Both Photography Mentorship Programs:


In studio photography mentoring:

  • covers lighting, posing, and styling

  • one on one instruction

  • images can be used for portfolio

  • customized to target the types of sessions and skills

  • recommended for photographers who want to improve their technical skills

  • must be able to photograph in manual mode


Business photography mentoring:

  • recommended for photographers who want to improve their business

  • covers pricing, branding, websites, work flow, and client experience

  • not one size fits all, customized to meet your personal and business goals

  • one on one instruction

  • on going support and accountability

  • done virtually, no travel is involved 

photographer mentorship

Advanced Mentorship Program

This program is for those who are wanting to advance their craft during a multi-part program that lasts days or weeks.  This program is “All Inclusive” and includes all 4 learning modules: 

This holistic approach to learning photography and can be beneficial at many different stages of your personal journey.  We will look at your photography from concept, to execution, to final product.  There will be portions of this program which are virtual, as well as on location, and possibly in the studio.  There will be a free consultation by phone, or in person to determine what is needed and we will discuss the options at that time.  We will work together to help develop your own style, improve your post processing skills, and create the ability to self-assess your own work through a series of image critiques.


This is a very intensive program which is meant to offer you insights into my techniques while keeping the focus on developing your own techniques which will make you a stronger and more confident photographer.  With this program you can expect to spend 15-25 hours of coursework with a mix of in person, online and practical application. The best part is that these hours will be flexible to meet your needs and can be as spread out as you would like.


What is included in the Advanced Mentorship:


  • A free meet and greet consultation before signing up.  This ensures that we are a good fit and to get a chance to see my studio space.

  • 10 hours of one-on-one “structured” time with me as we work towards your individual goals.

  • We can do this aggressively over a short time frame, or we can spread it out over the course of months if you prefer.

  • A flexible schedule to work with you on your time.

  • “Unstructured” email, telephone, and in-person support through the designated time-frame.

  • Free plugins, presets, email templates, contracts, client guides and more! (Worth over $1000 of free templates)

Basic Mentorship

Photography Mentorship: Hourly Private Lessons 

$125 /hour 


Are you already established, but want to see how I run my business? Do you feel “Stuck” with posing during sessions? Want a quick crash course at LR/PS Editing? Do you need some post processing help in a one-on-one setting so you can work at your own pace while receiving direct feedback on your images and process? Need help with sales and/or client management and interactions? Or, do you just want to hang behind the scenes and take it all in? 


If you answered “YES” to ANY of those questions, an hourly rated mentorship may be right for you. However, if you answered “YES” to almost all of these questions, my Advanced Mentorship Program is the right choice for you!


My schedule is very flexible so we can do these sessions when you have the time.  They can be in the field, online, or at my studio.

workshops and photography classes
online training

Remote Mentorship Program

Remote Mentoring sessions are available either over the telephone, video call, or a combination of both, whichever you prefer. Once you select a package that works best for you, I will send over a questionnaire to get to know you and your business and what you are most excited to learn about! This will help me prepare for our session to maximize our time together. Before your session, I encourage you to come with a list of topics that you want to discuss. During your session, we can chat about these topics and I can answer any questions that you have along the way. I am an open book! YOU get to choose what you want us to focus on. My goal at the end of your session is that you will walk away with helpful information that will help you grow your business and photography. 


Remote Mentor Sessions are customized to meet client needs, and can cover anything and everything! During our sessions, you'll be able to dig a little deeper into yourself as a creative and expand your creativity in a more purposeful way. I have a passion for helping women imagine and create their business dreams and we together will put together a framework for how you want to move forward.


If you are looking to start a business or new to the industry, the mentorship can be a bit more free flowing based around what you want to learn! We can cover how to shoot in manual mode with your current gear, looking for light even in the darkness, how to embrace reality, wonder and creativity simultaneously in your work and documenting your daily life and family in the most original and special way possible.

During this session, we typically cover a few of the following:


  • Defining your style

  • Attracting your ideal client

  • Emails & client interaction

  • Editing/workflow

  • Portfolio review

  • Pricing

  • Social media

Ready To Get Started?

 I’m here to answer all of your questions about finding your unique perspective, create meaningful imagery full of connection, running a business, and creating and executing a successful shoot.

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