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Modeling Casting Call


If you have never experienced a photoshoot before, chances are, when you hear the term "MODEL CALL",  you won't know what it means. Even those who have heard the term before, what they think may be totally different than what it really is. So, I am here to break it down for you!


A Model Call, in general, is a photoshoot agreed upon by both the Model/s and the Photographer and scheduled at a complimentary or discounted rate in exchange for the Model to sign a model release. Which raises the question what is a model release? A model release is an agreement between the Model/s and Photographer that states the Model is allowing the Photographer to use their images for promotional use of the studio. This type of agreement is not uncommon and is established to protect both the Model and Photographer.

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There are some Photographers, especially newer ones who typically agree to do this without charge in order to help build their portfolio. But for more experienced Photographers, they tend to do this at a discounted rate. As in my case, I recently relocated from Louisiana to the Midwest, so I am offering complimentary modeling calls to meet new clients and also to promote my portrait studio in Glendale, OH. With that being said, these sessions are only complimentary when solicited by Exposure Best Photography. Since I am already considered a Master in my field (having 12 years of experience under my belt and more than a few publications, including being nominated by Marquis Who’s Who in 2022), I typically agree to do a Model Call at a discounted rate depending on the uniqueness of the session and depending on whether or not I am in need of promotional/marketing material.


The purpose of our Model Call is to create new content, so that I am able to shoot “MY WAY" with “MY STYLE", at the same time, delivering equal quality of experience as any other paying client who steps through my doors. So, my Model Calls will experience simple and effortless posing guidance, facial expression coaching, and everything else that falls under the scope of my regular photoshoots. 


Depending on the collection desired, our Model Call rates range from a minimum of 50% off regular rates. That is the first benefit, especially with my rates being at a premium. Second benefit is that I release the digital files included, even with my lowest collection and a la carte selections, which I normally don’t do with our regular clients. The reason for this being, that I expect my Model Calls to share some images, as agreed upon in the model release.


Just remember though, that Model Calls are typically recruited by my studio. I make announcements on my Facebook business page, through monthly newsletters, and sometimes through posting ads in local Facebook groups, and all I ask the applicant to complete on of my questionnaires explaining why they want to participate, along with a recent photo of themselves. 


My regular rates can be found on our various Investment Menus on my website. So just imagine a 50% discount on those!

Hopefully this information sheds some light on what a Model Call is, and the benefits it will bring!

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Anyone interested in a Free Portrait Session! Each year, I host select studio portrait sessions that are used for trying a new session type or to experiment with different studio sets, lighting or photographic technique. I am looking for 3 client types, Family, Couple, and Maternity clients to capture images for me to use for my companies digital and direct marketing plan for 2023.


If these sound like something you would be interested in, please click on the link below and fill out a short questionnaire. If chosen you will receive a complimentary session with 3 digital files of your choice, valued at $400. This allows you to choose what products you would like in your home. These images are for use in my portfolio and does require signing a model release so if you wish to not have them shown to potential clients, posted on social media, or used in my advertising you can absolutely book a full session instead through my contact me page. 


This information will only stay with Exposure Best Photography and no one else.

Must be over 18 to apply!

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