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Are you a photographer?

Well if you're on this page, the answer should be "Yes!" Many people often forget that the definition of a photographer is simply, a person who takes pictures. So if you take pictures on your professional camera, pocket point and shoot, your cell phone, etc., then you my friend, are a photographer. What level you want to be at is up to you. 


But you're in luck! I offer a wide variety of group workshops ranging from beginners level all the way up to PPA level! Check out my upcoming workshops, events, and discover information about my one on one mentor sessions to see how we can take your photography skills to the next level or however high you dream to take them!

Upcoming Events

  • Beginner's Class to Professional Photography
    Apr 13, 4:00 PM – Apr 14, 7:00 PM
    Glendale, 5 Glen Alley, Glendale, OH 45246, USA
    With the basic photography skills and some guided practice, you could be the boss of your camera. By the end of this hands-on, introductory workshop you will be familiar with some basics of photo composition to improve your photos,
  • Styled Photography Shoot
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Glendale, 5 Glen Alley, Glendale, OH 45246, USA
    The benefits of a styled photoshoot are to show off your creativity, reach new clients, and create a portfolio. You need to spend money to make money. If you want to break into the professional photography market, having a portfolio that expresses all of your creativity is vital!
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