My name is Tiffany Ferrari, owner and primary photographer for Exposure Best Photography. I chose the name, Exposure Best, because exposure is the key to photography. It's meaningful and relevant, yet simple and powerful. Good exposure can be achieved by most professional hobbyists or photographers who are just starting out. But the "Best" exposure can only be achieved by a professional photographer who understands the beauty of light and how to make you shine in it. My company vision is for each individual, couple, and family to encounter the "Exposure Best Experience!"

It is our mission to capture the essence of who you are, at this moment in life, so that each milestone can be remembered and claimed as a testimony. Mankind is a miraculous creation. We start off smaller then the human eye can see and grow into beautiful beings. Each moment of each day is truly a gift from God, so any occasion is worthy of a photographic memory. For all of your special occasions from birth to retirement, let Exposure Best Photography service your professional portrait needs and remember to Always "ExposeURE" Best!

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