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The Different Types of Professional Editing Types, Explained.

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Editing styles explained

When it comes to professional portrait editing, style & consistency is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Plus, with the quick advancement in technology, cameras these days are producing professional quality straight out of the camera! At least for the professional photographers who actually know how to capture images at the proper exposure. So why the variance in style and what if I only want basic editing and don't want to pay extra for artistic edits and such? Welp, that's what this whole blog is about, so sit tight, & allow me to break down my editing style & the prices that correlate with them.

Basic level of post-production

You’ll be happy to find that ALL sessions at my studio include “Basic” Professional Editing! First, basic level of editing in photography is the post-production process which make a photos look better retouches. This level of editing consists of *Basic exposure corrections, cropping, straightening, & basic color correction.

It is optimal for clients who only want images that are straight out of the camera and don’t want to pay money for undesirable or unnecessary editing enhancements. This option makes all of my basic package offerings priced as economically as possible, which means YOU SAVE!

basic photography editing explanation
Basic level professional editing

Pro level of post-production

My signature editing is one of my 2 most popular option among clients because it’s closer to the images that they see on instagram and my other social media platforms. My signature editing is guaranteed to enhance the quality of your images.

This option includes everything in basic editing level of post-production, with the addition of professional skin editing (blemishes removal, smoothening), color correction, teeth whitening, stray hair removing.

Slide explaining signature editing style
Signature professional image editing

High level of post — production

First of all…high end level of post-production is one of best choice that all photographers always believe and use. You can see that the image takes more expensive & expressive form as if from the cover of popular magazine.

The high end level includes the pro correction, working on the detail( remove from the clothes), the liquify effect, stylization.

Photo about artistic image editing style
Artistic Style Editing

After examining the three professional editing styles, it can be concluded that each one offers its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Basic editing is a simple and straightforward approach that focuses on correcting technical errors and improving clarity. Signature editing, on the other hand, adds a personal touch that is tailored to the individual’s needs and preferences. This type of editing can be particularly useful for those who want to showcase their unique style or voice. Lastly, artistic editing allows for more creative freedom and can transform an ordinary photo into a work of art. While this type of editing may not be suitable for all situations, it can be a great way to add visual interest and impact to an image. Ultimately, the choice of editing style will depend on the specific needs and goals of the project at hand.


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