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The Professional Portrait Session Experience

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Welcome to Exposure Best Photography, where my passion for photography shines through in every shot that I take. I am dedicated to providing you with beautiful, high-quality images that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. A professional portrait session experience is not just about capturing smiles but also about freezing the genuine emotions and connections within your family.

With thoughtful planning and collaboration with your chosen photographer, you're bound to create a collection of timeless memories that will be treasured for generations. Once you arrive at my studio, I’ll make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible so that we can capture the best memories for you. You can expect to receive the Exposure Best Experience from beginning to end.

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About Professional Portraiture & How it's Evolved

Long gone are the days of tragedy mixed with the self delusive justification of covenience, better known as department store portrait sessions. The process seemed simple enough. You go to a 30 minute session captured by an amateur teen or young adult who forced you and your family into forced poses and uncomfortabe prompts. It sounds dreadful because it was, however, it was the only option that was afforded to most of us do to either monetary restraints or limited availability of professional studio photographers, which of course drove the price of portrait products and services through the roof.

Fast forward to a little over a decade later & technology has taken us to new heights, offering a solution that offers new opportunities for us to relish in the lifelong passion of capturing ourselves in a tangible & immortalized way, so to speak. Since the develoment of film & the understanding that we can capture a glimpse of ourselves in a more permanenet way. Outside of the ability to see one's reflection through reflective surfaces such as metals, glass, and mirrors, portraits are the only way to capture and preserve the existence of persons, places, and time.

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With the glass half empty, being now half full, careful what you ask for is the next realization. Because with the speed & advancement of digital photography, the sense of urgency to take up the profession of photography increased. With the increase of people entering into the field, there is an unfortunate range in quality from sub-par to excellent and it's now the consumers job to decipher which photographer is going to give you the professional experience you are looking for.

Some shoot and burn photographers will schedule your session in an outdoor location of some sort, or rent a nearby studio for you to have a one hour session. Most photographers don't offer professional prints and products, only offering a digital download of files that are useless until they are printed. This causes most people to skip family portraits for a year or so, which only turns into years before you know it. But you can't recreate experiences, moments, or seasons in our lives, so professional portraits are a valuable asset that can be taken for granted or considered optional. Because when a photo is all that you have left of a person, it becomes the most valuable posession that you've ever held dear to yourself.

So, how do we bridge the gap and provide you with a professional studio experience that produce beautiful, high-quality images that you’ll treasure for a lifetime? Well, take a look at my portrait process breakdown and see how easy it is to have a customized, luxurious studo portrait experience!

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Reach Out/Schedule Consultation

Every custom shoot includes a complimentary consultation call that takes place before you commit to booking. This call gives me the chance to get to know you, hear about your vision, answer your questions, talk strategy, & to begin the process of designing a custom photoshoot that fits your image needs.

It's important to plan ahead in order to make sure that your shoot goes smoothly! After you book your shoot, I'll provide you with a Welcome Packet & will also give you access to your online Client Portal. These resources include plenty of tips & suggestions that will help you to be fully prepared for your shoot.


Booking Your Portrait Session

It's best to book your photoshoot at least 2 weeks in advance so that everyone involved has enough time to plan & prepare.

I'm generally booked out for anywhere from 1-2 months at a time, so if you are working on a tight schedule, it's best to schedule your consultation call as soon as possible so that we can discuss options for potential shoot dates & get you on the books.

Once we've had our consultation call & you've confirmed that you're ready to book your session, I will send over all necessary paperwork in your client portal to confirm your booking. To complete your booking process, a $75 session retainer is due immediately upon booking in order to secure your date and time, In addition, I ask that all of my clients sign a portrait agreement which outlines what your payment entails, how to use your images properly etc.

Once you complete the items in your client portal, start getting excited because it's SESSION PREP TIME!


Session Prep/Planning

Once we've booked your shoot & you have paid your booking fee, we get to move on to the fun part - planning & preparing! | create mood boards, shot lists, & a photoshoot schedule for every single shoot - my goal is to make the planning process as easy as possible for my clients.

During this session, we'll finalize the creative details for your shoot - we can look at visual inspiration for your final images, create a shot list, select your wardrobe, & review any other necessary details.


What To Expect From Session Day

The day is finally here! On the day of your session, be ready to relax, have fun, feel confident, & allow me to flawlessly create all of the shots you need! When you first arrive to the studio, I give you a few moments to use the restroom and freshen up. From there we'll organize the outfits you've brought & I'll help you to decide which pieces would work best for which shots. Once we've gotten organized, we'll then begin photographing the list of shots we've planned out. I'll keep to our shoot schedule so that we don't miss anything, & we'll take breaks as needed to change outfits, eat a snack, take a breather, etc. 'll guide you through your photoshoot with gentle posing direction - be ready to relax, have fun, feel confident, & flawlessly create all of the shots you need! Once we've finished creating your list of shots, your session will be complete.


Post Session Expectations

After we've completed your shoot, l'll take the next few days to go through all of the images & will pick out the best of the best to present to you during your Image Purchasing Session!

About a week after your shoot, we'll meet up for your Gallery Reveal and Ordering Session & 'Il help you to finalize your selection of favorite images from your gallery. You're free to purchase however many images you like - some people just buy a couple, some people buy a package set, it's all up to you!


Every image that is presented to you in your galleries will have been edited with my signature color toning methods. Any image you choose to purchase will also be given a full professional retouch to handle the removal of distracting elements such as stray hairs, skin blemishes, etc. We can go over any special editing or retouch requests that you may have during your gallery reveal session.

I'll edit all of your images with a clean, natural look so that you'll look like the most polished, authentic version of yourself.


Gallery Reveal & Ordering Session

Your wait is finally over! Your collection of images are ready for you to review. Your initial booking fee includes a credit that you can apply towards your final purchases. During your image purchasing session, you'll have the option to purchase more images individually or to upgrade to one of my package collections.

So what can you expect during your gallery reveal session?

Since this is the first time you will see your full gallery, we'll go through the photos together so you can select your final images. Here's what you can expect from your gallery reveal session.

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Now that you have a set of beautiful new images, you can finally spruce up those family frames by refreshing them with fresh updated portraits!

It's so much fun for me to see all of the cool things that my clients do with their images - it makes me smile whenever I scroll through my social media and see the beautiful photos we worked to create together popping up in my feed.

Seeing a photograph of yourself that you truly love is such a transformational experience, & my goal is to inspire every single person I work with to come out of their photoshoot feeling excited to show up with a renewed sense of confidence in both their personal & professional lives. Whether you need personal branding, creative portraiture, fashion & lifestyle imagery, or all of the above, I can help you take your business to the next level with unique photographs that make it easy to tell your story!


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